Storm King's Thunder

Session 2: A Survivor Revealed

Healed and with new powers, angele and matt continue their search of the village. They explore the adjacent cemetery, and continue down the road to an inn. Within, they discover more goblins and a welcome sight, a survivor of the attack, a human woman with a flying snake who informs them that giants pelted the village with stones. Matt can tell that something is off about the woman, but not sure what. Matt and Angele leave the inn to explore another path where they find a farmhouse with a garden in which two more goblins are rooting around.

Session 1: The Village of Boulders

Angele and Matt follow the path to the nearest settlement, a village called Nightstone. They discovered it seemingly abandoned, attacked by a boulders. The two adventurers snuck through the town square, avoiding the pair of worgs feasting on a person. They entered a church and found the first signs of life, a pair of goblins playing the the steeple. Angele and matt fought the goblins but could not prevail. They fell unconscious and almost died. At that moment, Angele's ring glowed and a presence materialized. A human cleric healed the two.

Session 0
An Unexpected Awakening

There's nothing at first, no sound, no feeling. Darkness. But gradually there are pinpricks of feeling, starting at the bottom of your feet and moving a slow course up to the top. You can't move, but when the tingling sensation reaches up to your neck, your face, a blurred image begins to come into focus. Darkness is replaced by a…cavern? The shapes are coming together into what looks like stone.

You realize you can turn your neck. You look down to see your body partially encased in what appears to be ice. You are standing at the bottom of a set of stone stairs. Looking closer, you can see that the ice is melting, becoming a slowly growing puddle on the ground. Soon, your arms will be free. The picture focuses and you can see that it is not a cavern that you stand in, but some sort of temple. Rows of stone columns flank you on either side, disappearing into the darkness of this towering room. The only source of illumination, a metal bier upon which a sickly green flame wavers. You have no idea the true size of the room, all of the edges are hidden in the darkness. But at the top of the stairs sits a grand mural carved into the stone, the waves of the ocean, and a single tentacle rising from the abyss.


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